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Property Calculator

Find out an estimate of the selling price of your property here!

The property calculator calculates an initial estimate of the possible selling price of your property for you - simply and without obligation. The calculation is a free service from us and is without any obligation for you.

1. Which property is it? *

2. Where is the property located? *

Which district? *

3. What is the exact address of your property? *

4. What ist the size of the property? *
5. Is there any ongoing income from the property e.g. Billboards, cell phone mast? *

What is the annual rental income? *

5. How is the use of the rented space divided?

living space in %

commercial space in %

6. If there is commercial space, what type of business is it?

7. How big is the usable area of the object? *
Note: What is the usable area?

The entire living and business area of your property is defined as usable area. The following areas must be
deducted from this:

  • Wall thicknesses
  • Openings or door openings
  • Stairwells
  • Terraces
  • Open balconies
  • Basement and attic rooms
    (insofar as they are not equipped for residential or business purposes)

Simply enter the total of the usable space of all apartments, offices or commercial premises in your property in the property calculator.

8. What is the general condition of the property?

The general condition of your apartment building - how is it defined?

Very good condition:
No work on the apartment building will be necessary in the next 5
After a superficial renovation, more than 70% of the apartments can be rented as Category A apartments.

Good condition:
The facade and staircase only require a simple, optical renovation.
After a superficial renovation, more than 50% of the apartments can be rented as Category A apartments.

Average condition:
The facade and staircase should be completely renovated in the next two years.
After a superficial renovation, more than 30% of the apartments can be rented as Category A apartments.

Bad condition:
The facade and staircase urgently need to be renovated in the next 12 months.
After a superficial renovation, less than 30% of the apartments can be rented as Category A apartments.

9. Has the attic already been removed?

10. How many square meters of the living space are let for an unlimited period?
Note: Permanent tenancy

There is an unlimited tenancy if there is no written expiry date noted in the lease. As a result, the tenant can terminate the tenancy at any time - subject to a notice period. On the other hand, as a landlord, you can only terminate the unlimited rental contract legally and with an essential reason (e.g. rent liability).

11. What is the monthly net rental income?
Note: Monthly Rental Income - What Must Be Listed Here?

Monthly Rental Income - What Must Be Listed Here?
The main net rent is relevant for the calculation. This means that all rental income excluding all operating costs, VAT and other incidental costs such as gas, electricity, etc. (including consideration of vacancies) must be specified here.

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Needs and demands in the area of living and working are subject to constant change - more than ever, know-how and competence are required. We, the VENTA Real Estate Group, present us as a competent and ambitious partner. We let living and working merge into an aesthetic unity. Through a successful blend of tradition and modern influences, we develop apartments, offices and commercial space that are sustainable, productive and liveable.

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Sales launch:
December 2020


Apartment sizes:
70m² - 70m²
Grundwert Hart bei Graz | Graz
Grazer Hauptstraße Graz | Kalsdorf bei Graz
In Preparation

Apartment sizes:
31m² - 81m²
Allee 10 Graz | Eggenberg

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